Affiliate Program

Earn Money at Home - No up front costs - Actually No costs!

Very simply, we have a service. We sell that service for $29.95 a month. We need to let people know about our product. Thats where you come in.

The Basics:

  • Sell our service to someone and you will receive a commission based on their payments for 3 years.
  • Commissions are 50% the first year, 25% the second year and 10% the 3rd year.
  • Affiliate status is based on having sold a minimum of 2 memberships.
  • Our service is a tool to Organize and Manage any type of group from Clubs, PTAs, Neighborhood Watches and more.
  • See just some of the features listed below.
  • If you are interested, email with the Subject Affiliate for more details.


You can use a fully functional demo by clicking on the Login button (top right) and logging in with the information provided below. "demo" without the quotes, lower case is the password.


  • Unlimted Users, Unlimited resources $29.95 a month or $299.95 annually.  You can however add an unlimited number of resources.
  • View all currently scheduled times for all of your resources.
  • Schedule your resource and make changes to your existing reservations.


  • Surveys can be created.  Find out what the members are thinking.
  • Voting Ballots can be created and tallied, either anonymously or non-anonymously.
  • Restrict who can vote. Board members only...
  • Setup a ballot for today or for the future.


  • As an organization or individual you can determine whether your email address is available to other members.
  • Email Groups.  You can send an email to an individual, all members or even setup groups that are made up of a subset of your organization.
  • Attachments are allowed other than .exe or other potentially dangerous files.

Sharing Files:

  • There is a place to store files that members can download.
  • These files can be the club newsletter or a standard checklist for pilots, or even a funny video everyone might like.


  • News is an area members can check to see what the latest thing is going on.
  • If there is important news, it can be displayed to members as soon as they login.

Sharing Photos:

  • Photos can be uploaded to a special area for sharing with everyone.
  • Photos of each member can uploaded as part of their profile.

Discussion Forum:

  • If there are issues members wish to collaborate on, you have your own private forum for discussion of topics.





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Features Just follow the path and you'll be there in no time.

FBO's, Flying Clubs and Co-Owned Aircraft A Case Study.

Voting An Overview and Case Study!

Getting Started Your Name, Organization Name and a Resource - it really is that easy!