A Case Study.

Randy and Frank decided to go in halves and purchase a Cessna 172, a small 4 seat airplane.  One of the issues, how to know when the other person has the airplane.  Do you have a schedule book and every time the person who doesn't have the book call the other person to see if it is available.  What if they aren't home?  Also, Frank and Randy decided that it would be OK if a couple friends could use the plane too.  Now its even more difficult to keep track of.  They could hire an answering service, but that's not exactly the cheapest way either.  And how would they communicate maintenance issues or other things that might come up.  Well, they found Schedule-Now.Net and here is how they use it.

Setup was a easy 3 step process.  First page got Randy's Name and email address.  Second page sets up the Organization.  Just requires a short abbreviation for the Organization ID (ie: Ces172)and then the full name (ie: Randy & Franks 172).  Third step was to setup the airplane as a resource.  All that was needed was a resource ID (the plane id# N7163Q) and a description (Cessna 172) and DONE!.

You are then taken to the Login Screen.  Login as Organization ID, First Name, Last Name and Password.  You are taken directly to the calendar and can start scheduling the plane.

Of course Frank was the other owner and had to be set.  So Randy went to the Membership List and added Frank.  Since Frank is the other owner, Randy made Frank an Administrator on the Site also.

Already knowing who else were going to be allowed to use the plane, Randy added Ed, Bo and Jeff.  Of course they just needed to schedule the plane and wouldn't be allowed to add members or files so they were setup as Members only.  If you include the email address of the added members, they are automatically emailed with instructions on how to login and are the club Id, Username and Password.

There were several other features that would be useful to the members.  So everyone could have their own checklist for flying the plane Randy uploaded a Word document with the checklist to the Files section.  Now if anyone lost their checklist, they just needed to download it and print it out.

The other thing that happened is the airport just changed the combination to the ramp.  So Randy added the new combination to the News section.  He checked a box so it would come up as soon as someone logged in and also set it so that it would only show for 1 month.

Remember, as soon as Randy first logged in, the site was fully functional.  Randy and Frank only share one resource (the airplane) and since the site only charges per resource, this is all available to them for $5.95 a month.  This includes everyone, there is no charge per member, it is per organization/per resource.  $5.95 is the total cost per month.

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Randy and Frank bought and airplane together.  They found not only was the scheduling easy, but they also found the News and Files section useful.


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